CHAIR UP is a programme that helps people whose jobs involve a lot of sitting or a high level of decision-making responsibility work more efficiently, be healthier, more focused more energetic and more motivated, and reduce chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

The programme uses workouts, physiotherapy and yoga therapy practices as well as remedial exercises that can all be done in both office and home settings. We deliver monthly thematic programmes, as well as one-off training sessions on diverse topics.

CHAIR UP is implemented at companies and offices willing to improve the quality of work and life of their staff and aiming to achieve better health and concentration and better performance at work.

Programmes by CHAIR UP have already been implemented at companies, institutions and business centres with more than 12 thousand employees in total.


  • Introducing a healthy, active lifestyle to the office and home office type jobs.
  • Improving the physical shape and health of employees whose work position requires sitting postures.
  • Improving the overall performance of employees, their work results and company results.
  • Raise employee concentration, stress resistance and overall work efficiency.
  • Raise employee job satisfaction.
  • Raising the general awareness of the employees about the solutions of the problems related to the work in sitting positions.


  • PPD Bulgaria
  • HP Inc.
  • Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Sofia Airport Center (SAC)
  • VM Ware
  • Sofia Tech Park
  • Konica-Minolta Bulgaria
  • Economedia
  • and more

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“The CHAIR UP team has motivated each and every one in our company to make their small or big step towards taking up the daily, personal responsibility for their own physical well-being, including at work. Krassy, Diddy and Rossy, as well as Venelina’s splendid voice-over, have made us so enthusiastic. Thank you for chairing us up and showing us the alternative to sitting at our desks!”
– Irena Parvanova, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria

“Here at НP Inc. we organised a few workshops with CHAIR UP that combined theory and practice on topics related to our employees’ focus, flexibility and adaptivity while working from home. The trainers from the CHAIR UP team were really interesting to listen to, they gave specific answers and guidance for each question we asked, and the workshops left all our colleagues very energised and satisfied at the knowledge they gained in the fields that were covered. Thank you once again!
– Pavel Stoyanov, Service Delivery Manager & Wellness Lead

“Krasse, Dimitrina, Venelina and the team are doing a great job as ambassadors of physical activity at the workplace (and in general) in a moment when we are all spending most of our time sitting on a chair. The Flexibility and Adaptability workshop is a great choice and a possibility to learn useful exercises and techniques in order to feel relaxed and in good shape. I recommend the program to everyone who wants to take better care of their physical and mental wellbeing.
– Gergana Berova, Economedia & Capital, Project Manager Events

“CHAIR UP have brought a wonderful mood in our complex, they have made people move and remember that despite our hectic lives, it helps to get out of those chairs from time to time and just move.”
– Mariya Tantilova, Sofia Airport Center (SAC), Leasing and Marketing Manager

“Energising, fresh and healthy – the different two weeks of our work life! We have moved our bodies, turned on our brains, and charged up for our day at the office. We now know that the mission is possible. We absolutely recommend them!
– Maya Petrova, VM Ware Bulgaria, Workplace coordinator

“CHAIR UP made us get up from our desks and we’re now all smiles. We thank them for the fresh sensation they left us with after our three-day adventure. We are looking forward to having them with us again. Good luck!
– Yana Vasileva, Sofia Tech Park, Event Manager

“Good partnerships are our strength and the added value we develop for our clients’ benefit. CHAIR UP are full of presence, meaningful messages and ideas that they integrate in each of their events. The indispensable business transformers! I strongly recommend them to any company that has a vision and cares for its people.”
– Iveta Rangelova, Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

“A great team, great workouts, great exercises! A wonderful idea excellently implemented. You are all great.”
– Konica-Minolta Bulgaria

“Thank you for all the care and exercise! For the time being, the online workout sessions by CHAIR UP are the only sport I do.
– PPD Bulgaria

“I want to start each day like that [an online CHAIR UP workout session at 9:15 a.m.]. Just 15 minutes and I’m ready to get down to work.”
– PPD Bulgaria

The program was launched in May 2018 with its “Fasten Seat Belts” edition in a business center with over 2,400 employees who were motivated to move more at their workplace.
The initiative was honored with a special award as one of the most innovative business-related ideas of the year.


VENELINA VELICHKOVA – Co-founder & Coordinator
Venelina is an initiator of the “CHAIR UP” program and its main driving force.
She is the founder of “all6” – an agency for PR & Digital marketing focused on sports events, products, companies, and athletes.

KRASSE GUEORGUIEV – Co-founder and CHAIR UP coach
Krasse Gueorguiev is the first Bulgarian who participated and successfully finished one of the World’s hardest running competitions – “The Badwater Race” in the Death Valley with a 216 km long track and asphalt heated up to 90 degrees Celsius. He has done over 60 marathons (42 km) and more than 30 ultramarathons (over 100 km) in places from the Arctic to Cambodia, from the Sahara desert (the legendary 240 km Marathon of the Sands) to the Brazilian jungle (257 km). Krasse started to run at the age of 30 when he was an overweight smoker with an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. However, he quickly discovered that running is his sport. Starting with walks in the park, he gradually got engaged in running and started to run longer and longer distances. He progressed to ultra-long disciplines, which very few people in the world succeed at. In January and September this year, Krasse achieved success at two more amazing challenges. In January he ran for 36 hours run on a treadmill in a trade center in Sofia in order to raise funds for children with oncohematological diseases’ sports camps. In September he did the same thing, but the hours were 55, the place was Plovdiv and the running was outdoors.

KALIN STOYANOV, Physiotherapist and Trainer

A part of the CHAIR UP team, Rossy is also an aerobics, stretching and Kangoo Jumps instructor. For the past 8 years, she teaches group activity classes for children and adults. Together with the sports in the gym, she develops various outdoor Kangoo Jumps routines with different intensity and workout locations – the park, the mountain, the city. As a part of the CHAIR UP programs, Rossy teaches workouts in an office environment using office chairs and desks. Together with Krasse she teaches anti-stress workout sessions, working in teams or couples. Rossy believes that movement is a way of living and also a step towards a better everyday life for each person, family, working team or friends company.

Elena Kemileva

ELENA KEMILEVA – Physiotherapist & Yoga teacher
Elena is not just yoga, she is a yoga teacher, a physiotherapist, and a yoga therapist with over 15 years of experience As a therapist her job is to help people and take care of their health, through yoga and give them the best treatment – prevention. For her yoga is a science of life, which she tries to establish as a way of life. It’s her hobby, work, life philosophy. She thinks that yoga gives a much more complete and comprehensive understanding of the whole person (body, mind, soul) and it is a path to a better, happier, healthier, and harmonious life.

ANTONIYA VLAYKOVA, Website & Technical support
Tonny takes care of the CHAIR UP website and the trouble-free delivery of the sessions included in our online programmes. She has been working in the field of information technology for many years now and has extensive experience with web development and databases. She is a proponent of free access to information on the Internet and of open-source software. She spends a large part of her spare time in the mountains and caves around the world and is an ardent environmental activist. Tonny is among the people with a sitting occupation and working from home who has already experienced some of the benefits of the CHAIR UP online programmes: she has expanded her range of movement, improved her focus and reduced some of the chronic pain and stiffness she used to suffer from.