CHAIR UP workshop at the HR & Leadership Forum in Sofia

Get up, cheer up and power up with the CHAIR UP program. A practical workshop designed and delivered by CHAIR UP. You can join us during […]

Fasten Seat Belts in SAC

Along with various coaches and experts, Krasse Gueorguiev Ultrarunner will be a guest at the Sofia Airport Center (SAC) from the 8th until the 11th of […]

Chair Up & SAC: Innovative idea of the year

The fourth edition of the “b2b Awards” awarded the best entrepreneurs, the most innovative companies, the most creative spaces, and socially responsible campaigns using innovative thinking […]

Wellness Weeks at VMware

Two weeks dedicated to restoring and recharging the vital connection between spirit, body, and mind. The wellness fair is an annual VMware tradition – two weeks […]

Video: Chair UP & VM Ware

The sitting profession is the new smoking. Our bodies need daily taking care of – habits are of key importance and good practices can turn into habits […]