CHAIR UP workshop at the HR & Leadership Forum in Sofia

Practical Workshop: Boost your energy at work, 25 June, Sofia

Get up, cheer up and power up with the CHAIR UP program. A practical workshop designed and delivered by CHAIR UP. You can join us during the HR & Leadership Forum in Sofia.

Join us at the 16th edition of the HR and Leadership Forum in Sofia on October 31st. Listen to inspirational keynote talks, take some practical advice and experience by yourself different gadgets, HR software or business management concepts.

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Save the date – 31 October, CHAIR UP workshop between 16 and 17 pm.
Venue: Sofia Event Center
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Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the health, brainpower and stress problems caused by prolonged sitting. Many doctors compare sitting with smoking because of the damages they cause. The good news is that surveys, linked to seated jobs and health issues, show that the most effective way to reduce health risks is not just doing sports in your free time, but more movement and better posture at work. Another good news is that it is true that the brain affects the body when we are under stress, but the opposite is also true – using body movements we can affect the brain and reduce the mental tension. This is CHAIR UP’s solution that will be shared with us.

This workshop is aimed to train the whole body, incl. balance, focus, and parts of the body that are influenced by a sedentary lifestyle. It will include motivation talk and a practical workshop led by experts.

Among the questions that will find answers are:

  • Why we have to move more often even at work?
  • Why we need fresh blood in our veins?
  • How to be more efficient on busy days?
  • How to reduce stress and chronic fatigue?
  • Useful tips and ideas for managers and team leaders.

Physiotherapist’s tips: Self-massage and unblocking techniques for the whole body. Special body movements for the neck, back, and lower back pain. Brain stimulation and concentration. Anti-headache tips.
Office workout: Easy office exercises with a chair, aimed at the muscle groups and parts of the body that suffer the most from prolonged sitting. They will also improve your balance, focus, and coordination, and will stimulate your brain in order to achieve better work results.

Photo: Georgi Daskalov,

The results that we are aiming are:

  • better concentration at work;
  • increased brain power;
  • stress reduction;
  • better mood;
  • motivated employees

The workshop is designed for busy people, working highly responsible jobs, managers and team leaders. Through physical activity, proper attitude during work, and better awareness of the problems of sitting professions, the overall energy levels and health of people can be improved and their performance increased.


  • Dimitrina Sivkova: Physiotherapist
  • Krasse Gueorgiev: Ultrarunner, adventurer, coach
  • Venelina Velichkova: Program Co-founder & Coordinator